Recent Personal Pictures

Here are a few random images I've taken of my family recently. Love them! 
She was trying on her flower girl dress for a wedding next month, and I asked her to go in the front yard so I could snap a picture. She was posing like a Disney princess <3

Jumping on her aunt's bed during a housewarming party!

Oh, my sweet boy!

He's so silly <3

Sadie came with me to scout out a new location, and I snapped of a picture of her walking down the boardwalk. She was holding out her dress so it wouldn't get wet. So sweet!

Pretty window light in my bedroom.

Sadie and my mom

My mama! <3

In one of her Halloween costumes (Pirate Princess)

An outtake from our Pumpkin Stand sample session

Walking the streets of Palm Beach

Taking a break in a garden in the beautiful Palm Beach

Super Girl on the playground