Jupiter Photographer: My Spring

Sadie before the Father Daughter Dance. I love how excited she gets and how much fun she has! <3

My kids all love animals, but Cooper especially loves them, and will lean in to kiss anything he thinks he can. Here he is with Nana's chicken.

Jupiter Photographer: My Summer

A couple times a year I like to do a big blogpost with a few of my personal pics shared. Here's the Smith Family this summer! <3

This was her big reveal when she opened her eyes to see how her hair looked after I curled it for her end of the year school program <3

My mom reflected in Sadie's eye

Jupiter Photographer: {Personal Images} My Daughter's Frozen-Inspired Birthday Party

To say that my daughter is obsessed with the movie Frozen would be an understatement! She's pretty convinced that she is Elsa, so she was really looking forward to her Frozen-themed 5th birthday party this year. Thank you so much to my mom for helping me with the setup and for making all the yummy goodies! Here are a few shots from the party, including a collage of images from our little snow-blowing photo booth. Can't believe my baby is 5!

Jupiter Photographer: {Personal Images} Daddy/Daughter Dance

So I might have gotten a little carried away with snapping pics of my little girl before her Daddy/Daughter dance! This was about a week before she turned 5, and I was feeling very sentimental about her growing up! She was SO excited about this dance, and she truly felt like a princess. I can totally flash forward and see her at prom or her wedding one day. Time goes so fast! In fact, the last image in this blogpost is a side-by-side image my mom found of my husband giving me my corsage at our high school prom, next to the image of him giving Sadie her corsage. <3 <3 <3

My Fall

So considering it's now February, I am super behind on blogging these images, but better late than never. These are my personal images from Fall with my family. We had a great Fall season <3


My Gender Reveal

The Smith Family is expecting a new arrival this spring! We decided to do a fun little reveal to let our kids know whether they'd be having a new little brother or sister. The kids helped us make the brother/sister box, and then my husband secretly filled it with the appropriate color balloons. So here is Sadie and Sawyer finding out that it's a BOY!

South Florida Photography: Personal Pictures {Our First Taylor Swift Concert}

My little lady just loves Taylor Swift, and she's been wanting to go to one of her concerts ever since she saw a clip of one awhile back. I didn't even know Taylor was going to be in town, but when I saw that someone was selling their tickets for her Miami show, I couldn't pass it up! It was a great show, and Sadie loved it! She didn't quite make it to the very end, but what can you expect from a 4-year-old?