A Whole Lot of Randomness

The following pictures were taken at my dad's house, while Sadie was playing with some of his old cameras.

 Theses next two pictures were taken one afternoon when we met my mom at the beach.

Sawyer had just finished a long day of swimming in the pool when I took this picture of him in his daddy's arms.

This was an afternoon getting frozen yogurt

On this night, I was watching tv with Sadie, when I looked over and found her like this. Her daddy then carried her up to bed.

 Sadie and her friends at their Easter party

 Haha! A typical day in my home

Laying on my mom's lounge chair

Sadie and her friend Jack running around pretending to be "Jack and Jill."

Sadie and friends making lemonade

And when the big kids were done, it was Sawyer's turn!

The following pictures were taken at a family member's farm

 At the park

At the park with cousin Dave