Jupiter Maternity Photographer: Gender Reveal Session

Gender reveal sessions are so exciting! Finding out whether it will be a son or daughter that you add to your family is such a special moment. For Jessica and Drew, they knew they wanted to involve big brother Everett in the news. Jessica was able to forward me her medical file so that I could see beforehand whether Everett would be having a little brother or sister. She showed up to the barn with both a pink and blue teddy bear, and I filled my little treasure chest with the one I knew would represent their new baby. I give Jessica and Drew so much credit for not peeking at the results! Everett told me before the reveal that he thought he would be having a brother. And when he opened the box, he found out he was right! Then he got to be the one to reveal the news to his mom and dad. And his excitement was adorable. Congratulations to this awesome family on their newest little boy! Everett will be such a great big brother!