Jupiter Family Photographer: Jupiter Farms Sunset Family Session

I love photographing this brother and sister each year, and this year I really encouraged mom to be in the shots with them too. I think moments with mom are really important to document, and when the kids are grown, they'll really appreciate having these images. And I'm so glad she was up for it. The kids really enjoyed having mom there with them, and we got such great smiles and laughs. And that sunset! 

Jupiter Child and Family Photographer: Lifestyle Session in Jupiter

Lifestyle family sessions are my favorite! This mama told me before our shoot that she wasn't looking for a session where the kids were looking at the camera and smiling the whole time. She wanted me to capture her children as they are, having fun and exploring together. Which is exactly how I photograph my own children. The kids had a great time being on an adventure in a new location, and I love the images captured. These little ones really were so fun to photograph! 

Jupiter Maternity Photographer: Ashley's Jupiter Beach Maternity Session

The last time I saw this mama was for her maternity session with her first born. It was so great now to be meeting him, and to photograph his mama again as she's now expecting his baby sister. Our first session was at the barn so we mixed things up this time and headed to the beach. The weather was intense, but I love the mood it added to our shoot. So many beautiful moments captured. <3

Jupiter Family Photographer: Juno Beach Family Session

This session started off with a little bit of rain, which actually worked in our favor because we got the most beautiful rainbows. I'll always take a little sun shower when it means we'll get a rainbow! And then rain clouds left and we had such a fun session and so many sweet family moments captured. These brothers are so fun, and they so love their mom and dad <3

Jupiter Family and Pet Photographer: Jupiter Farms New Puppy Session

Getting a new puppy is an excellent reason to schedule a session! Puppies, like newborns, are only small for such a short period of time, and it's so fun to capture them when they still have their baby face and can climb all in your lap. I've photographed this awesome family a few times over the past 5 years, and I always love seeing them. And it's so cool how this session was scheduled to capture the newest member of their family. 

Jupiter Family Photographer: Juno Beach Session at the Pier

It had been a few years since I last saw this family, and I can't believe how much the kids have grown. It was so wonderful to see them again, and we shot at a location I love- the Juno Beach Pier. I'm so glad that mom suggested we shoot here because it had been too long since I'd been there. This family is so fun and laughed so much during our shoot. And when a family is willing to run and jump and get splashed during our shoot, it always pays off! 

Jupiter Beach Family Photographer: Family Session at Tequesta Beach

With families of older children, we often have a limited window for scheduling the session based on when their kids are home on break from college. I'm so glad we were able to make this session work at a time when everyone was home! It was a super windy day, which I actually kind of love because of the added drama wind adds, but it also meant we spent much of the shoot up top instead of down by the water, where is wind was most intense. But I love how everything came out! This location has so much variety to offer and this family is beautiful! 

Jupiter Family Photographer: Jupiter Farms Barn Session

This adorable family made this session so easy and fun. There is so much love there, and the moments between baby and mom and between baby and dad are just so sweet. And her little giggle! This was an early morning shoot so we got the beautiful sunrise light, which I love. And I always love shooting with the twinkle lights in the barn. 

Jupiter Newborn Photographer: In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session

I know I always say it, but I seriously love in-home newborn sessions. They are favorite. The first few days when the baby comes home is so new and exciting and special. The parents are in awe, the siblings are intrigued and really trying to figure the new baby out, and everyone is just happy and comfortable in their own space. This beautiful family was all of that. The moments are real and beautiful, and it always feels like such an honor to be able to capture this fleeting time for a family. <3

Jupiter Family Photographer: Brian and Kassi's Family Session at Dubois Park in Jupiter

I love photographing large families! Each little one has such different personalities, and when the full group comes together, it's so fun. I love Brian's expression in the image where he throws up his hands while the chaos and laughter is happening around him. As a mom of 4, I so love and appreciate the beautiful chaotic moments! These are such sweet memories, and the Dubois House and Jupiter Lighthouse made a great backdrop. 

Juno Beach Family Photographer: The B Family's Session at the Juno Beach Pier

This sweet family was in town on vacation from Canada, and a beach session was a great way to document some beach memories! The kids did lots of running and jumping and dancing, and we had a great time capturing some beautiful moments. And the pier is such a beautiful spot for a session. Loved this shoot! 

Jupiter Beach Photographer: The H Family's Jupiter Beach Session

This wonderful family was in town from out of state so we met one evening at the beach to document some fun beach moments before they returned back home. The sunlight this evening was gorgeous, and their beachy colors looked great with the ocean. We ended the evening with some splashing in the water and lots of laughs from the little ones. <3

Palm Beach Family Photographer: The A Family's Session at The Breakers

I've been photographing this sweet family for a few years now, and this year we headed to The Breakers in Palm Beach for their shoot. The kids had a great time running around through the grass! And there's such cool little walkways and nooks to shoot in. And of course we ended out at the beach, where the ocean was beautiful. Such a great evening documenting memories!